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Ammunition to take down Russian Boar/cow elk

I am going on a trip at the end of the week for Russian Boar and cow elk. I will be shooting a Browning White Gold Medallion .300 Winchester Mag and was wondering what grain bullet I need to take down either of these animals. Is a Premier Safari Grade, 200-Grain Swift A-Frame Pointed Soft Point Bullet (2825 fps) too much? I have a box of them I've not used and I also have a half box of Fusion 180-Grain Copper-Jacketed Bullet (2960 fps) left over from Deer season (I took a 6-point 180 lb. buck with this bullet and it really didn't destroy much meat). Which bullet would be better for boar or elk?

My brother will also be hunting with me and he'll be shooting a 7mm Remington Mag. What grain bullet would be best for boar and/or elk? I appreciate the help and wisdom!
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