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If you are familiar with the Laser Cast line of cast bullets, Oregon Trail Bullet Company, you most likely have seen their guarantee that their bullets will not lead or your money back.

Their people will tell you on the phone or via e-mail that you can shoot them "at jacketed bullet velocities" without leading or your money back, guaranteed.

Well, don't believe everything they tell you. The money back part is correct.

I recently tried their 405gr. FNBB bullet in my Ruger #1S .45-70 and the first 5 bullets leaded from the throat to the end of the muzzle. Cleaned the barrel out with a few jacketed rounds and the next LC's leaded the bore again.

The load was 50.0gr./IMR 3031 which, according to which manual you read, is a minimum of 2.0gr. below max for a jacket bullet. They also lead at 48.0gr./3031.

I have since spoken with their technician and they have backed off their claim about "jacketed bullet" velocities. Bob (tech) agreed that maybe they shouldn't make this claim. He is sending me samples of their new bullet in 405gr. that now has 3 lube grooves instead of the original 1.

They suggest only 38.5gr./3031 for the 405gr. bullet.

I told them that I'm looking for a "full power" hunting load, not a cowboy action target load.

They did offer me my $$ back but this doesn't solve my problem and my desire for a lead/traditional bullet for my rifle and a hunting load.

Has anyone else here experienced this?


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