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The reloading article in the M1 reprint from the NRA gives some load information for BL-C2.

"Reloads for the M1 Rifle

I want to reload ammunition for my M1 Rifle. Other shooters tell me to be careful in my selection of components for the incorrect ones can damage the rifle. What should I choose? What should I avoid? Why?

Answer: The warnings you have been given are good ones. Though it is a rugged, piece of equipment, the M1 Rifle has an “Achilles heel”; its long, slender operating rod. Operating rods can be bent to the point of uselessness if continually subjected to propellent gas pressures that are too high. Such too high pressures are usually the result of either too-heavy bullets or too-slow burning powder, or both. In military service, over the several decades that the M1 was either our primary or an important secondary arm, this potential fragility of the operating rod was not a problem. Ammunition for the rifle was developed and loaded that did not cause overly high pressure to be exerted against the operating rod, and so did not damage it. Handloaders, however, can choose combinations of components that will cause damage. For best results, use powders faster than IMR 4320, and bullets of 180 grains weight, or lighter. Suggested loading data for .30-’06 ammunition in M1 Rifles follows:

147/150-gr. bullets – either FMJ or HPBT
IMR 3031 48.0 grs.
IMR 4895 49.0 grs.
IMR 4064 50.0 grs.
Win 748 Ball 48.0 grs.
Acc AA2460 49.0 grs.
Acc AA2520 51.0 grs.
Acc 2495BR 50.5 grs.
Hod H-4895 49.0 grs.
Hod BL-C2 49.0 grs.
Hod H-335 49.0 grs.
Herc Re-12 48.0 grs.

165/168-gr. bullets – either SP, HP or FMJ
IMR 4895 47.0 grs.
IMR 4064 48.0 grs.
Acc AA2520 47.5 grs.
Acc 2495BR 47.0 grs.
Hod H-4895 47.5 grs.
Hod BL-C2 49.0 grs.
Hod H-335 47.0 grs.
Herc Re-12 44.5 grs.

173/175-gr. bullets – M72 or M118
IMR 4895 46.0 grs.
IMR 4064 47.0 grs.
Acc AA2460 46.0 grs.
Acc 2495BR 46.0 grs.
Hod H-4895 47.0 grs.
Hod BL-C2 48.0 grs.

180-gr. Bullets – either SP, HP or FMJ
IMR 4895 43.0 grs.
Acc AA2460 46.5 grs.
Acc 2495BR 45.5 grs.
Hod H-4895 44.0 grs.
Hod BL-C2 47.5 grs.
Herc Re-12 41.5 grs.

The charges listed are meant to approximate the performance of military ammunition using commercial reloading components, including cases. In no circumstances should any charge weight be increased. If military surplus cases are used, charges should be reduced by 1.5 grs. to start. Loads using tubular-grained powders such as IMR propellants do well if primed with conventional large rifle primers (Federal, CCI or Remington). Loads using powders such as BL-C2, AA2460 or AA2520 and Win. “Ball” are best primed with Winchester’s WLR primer or possibly a “magnum” primer from another component manufacture."

Use with caution.
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