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I'm looking for suggestions for a good starting load for .30-06 Sprg to be used in an M1 Garand. I realize that everyone has their favorite bullets and powder. However, I have a large supply of 150 gr FMJ bullets and WCC846 military surplus powder on hand that I want to use. WCC846 has the same burning characteristics as BLC2 powder. The 8-lb keg I have doesn't list max load for .30-06, but does list 46 gr as the max load for .308 Win.

I'm not necessarily looking for a maximum velocity load. What I want is a load that will have enough power to reliably function the M1 action, and will have a burning curve that will not damage the operating rod.

I realize that some people might suggest IMR 4895 or W-W 748 powder, but I want to use this WCC846 powder. Has anybody used this powder, or BLC2 powder in the M1? Thanks.
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