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Knighterrant, Theory has it that touching the lands or just short of touching them should be more accurate, but take my word for it each rifle is a law unto its own self. Test both of them to make sure. An example of a rifle being a law unto itself listen to this. In my younger days I, in youthful enthusiasm, decided to accurize my 03A3 Springfield. First step was to glass bed it. Its amazing what one can accomplish with ignorance! Little did I know that the main thing to be glass bedded was the actionand the barrel free floated. Well I hogged out the barrel channel and bedded that and not the action . In theory it should not be able to hit the broadside of a barn but take my word for it with either 168 Grain Sierra International or a 190 Grain Sierra Match King sitting on top of a full case of the old original H4831 the old girl will go into 1/2 inch (5 shots) all day long! By the time I got smart and knew what I had done worng I was smart enough not to fix what isn't broken!

Carlyle Hebert
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