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Yes the "shield" is the big worry point. That's why, if possible, I'm going for a head shot. It's also the reason I've been lugging that big honkin .44 around like I have. I also agree that, reloading would be very beneficial to me right now. I only wish that I could. Someday I'm going to get into it, but right now is just not the time for me. Trying to transition between undergraduate school and medical school (hopefully). So, not a lot of time and dinero at the present for extra stuff. Not to mention the fact that I don't even know where I'll end up this fall. Soon though, hopefully soon.

Between my friend and myself, we always have at least one rifle with us as the primary gun. Last few times he has taken his 7mm Mag out with his 686 as backup. And I've backed him up further still with the .44. However, if one gets close enough I'm gonna take it with the .44.

P.S. I have finally thought of a way to tactfully tell him that I think he needs a different load. He is pretty new to handguns, and doesn't want to mess with his adjustable sights. However, I have been noticing when he shoots that he hits a little low. I'm gonna tell him that if he moves up to a heavier weight load then this will likely solve that problem for him. Pretty slick huh?
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