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My understanding of Boars is that the real issue is the "BoarShield" - a very tough, cartiledge like layer that surounds a boar body and vitals. My understanding of this shield is that it was nature's evolution that allows boars to live after being gored by their own kind in fighting. I've read that the Boarshield is tough enough to stop 00 buckshot from ever reaching the vitals of the pig.

Now, I will be the first to say the following: I've never taken a boar. Only read about it. It's on my "todo" list for 2006. For that matter my .350RM 673 Remington will be my initial weapon of choice.

Back to the question at hand: .357's and the Boarshield. Forget hollowpoints. Forget the jacketed softpoints. Expansion going through the shield is going to cause far too much energy loss to allow a slow moving .357 round to do the job. (please note: slow moving = 1500fps on a 158gr JSP vs. 2700fps on a 200gr CoreLokt .350RM).

180 grain hardcast lead loaded to 1200+ fps or so sounds to be the absolute minimum load to get the job done on a boar. My current .357 hunting load is a 180 Hornady XTP chrono'ed to over 1300fps. This works well for thinskinned game but for hog?

Gimme a Penn 180 gr. Hardcast TCFP loaded to 1300 +. Maximum penetration to reach the vitals.

PS: Hmmm, handloaded hot load .357 on a Penn Hardcast...let's see. $0.05 per bullet...$0.03 per primer...$0.07 for powder (being generous here)...$0.15 per loaded cartridge...$7.50 per box of 50 (or $3.00 per box of 20). Hmmmm...cost savings of $0.85 per round...a full loading set would pay for itself in around 400 rounds...

Bah, thread hijack. We now return you to your regularly schedule Hog Debate that has nothing to do with 1800cc blown S&S motors...
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