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Oh, no no. None taken at all. You caught me in a slip-up. I didn't mean for my response to sound snappy just funnin'.

You have brought up another valid point though. Those BBs are a little harder on the wallet than most others. But, I have found an online store that stocks the BBs and for the 180 grainers their price is $17.99 per 20. Which is cheaper than the online store price for the Corbons. So, I am thinking I might pick up two boxes of them. Then I can shoot the first box up, get my gun sighted in to them, and get a feel for them.

Anyway though, all of this might end up being pretty academic anyway as I'll likely keep carrying the .44 for the time being. Like I say though, I do feel I really need to at least get my friend to the gun store so he can get SOMETHING besides those 125 grain hollowpoints.
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