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I really appreciate you guys taking the time to answer my questions. This is why I spend a lot of my time at TFL. You guys can't be beat!

bedlamite: You have cleared up my ignorance on the military vs. commercial brass issue. I have decided that instead of swaging the primer mouth I will just use commercial. When it gets winter time in Omaha you can't shoot comfortably so I don't shoot as much as some of you others might. I might fire 700 rds of .223 per year so I will just get the "once fired" commercial. It should probably last me for at least 8 reloads from the info. I've been reading.

I will be getting a reloading manual first anyway so I will have not only powder reference but "how to" reference as well.

Sundog: I will see if I can get a sample of that WC844 powder (perhaps 1 lb) to try. I am only seeing it in 8 lb lots. I agree that it would be ideal if I could get a lb or so to test with (maybe Widener's can work something out with me). I want to use that product if I can because the price on it is more conducive to my budget.

Hutch: I'll get the spray lube like you say and I have Midways catalogue and have ordered from them before. They are a great, very pro-RKBA company!

Bogie: I have a Savage bolt action 10 FP in .223 that I will be reloading for (maybe my AR-15 too). It has a 1:9 twist and a 24" bull barrel. I will be putting a bipod on it and plan to use it for shooting up to 500 yards. I will be varminteering with it in the future as well (prairie dogs).

I expect to shoot no further than 500 yards and will later obtain a Remingtion model 700 in .308 (evil black finish and stock) for those longer range shots (up to 800-900 yards). One of these days (if the BATFags don't ban them) I want to get a bolt action .50 cal for really long range shooting. I am practicing my nuts off because I want to be really good and maybe even compete in the future. I have been shooting for a while now but it has only been at closer ranges not exceeding 200 yards both with open sites and scoped firearms. I am pretty good at these ranges and want to expand my horizons.

It's ironic that I have always been so into shooting. A majority of my male relatives were in wars (from both sides of the family) and like shooting. From the civil war, WWI, WWII, Korea, and vietnam.

Last week my suspicions were confirmed about my father. About 10 years ago (I was about 16 years old) I met a friend of my dad's that served with him in the Marines and he said my dad went to sniper school and became a sniper. I know my father is an excellent shot (still at 51 yrs.) but I really didn't know if I believed this guy at the time. I don't know why but I just wasn't sure.

Just last week my mom and I were talking about my fathers past drinking problem and career in the Marines during vietnam. She mentioned he was a "scout/sniper over there" and "he saw a lot of bad things". He became an alcoholic after that war and got over it later. She said when they met and dated for four years he never drank except in rare social settings. Something else to thank my government for.

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