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Loading for accuracy - Well, a lot is going to depend on your rifle... Please tell us what sort of rifle...

If you're loading for an auto, seat your bullets out far enough to where they still fit in the magazine. IMR-4895 and 55 grain Sierras works for me in my AR.

If you're loading for a bolt gun, I heartily recommend the Lee collet dies. I shoot benchrest, and I don't BS about accuracy. The collet dies are what I use for my "critter" rifles. You don't need a trickler.

Let's see...

Lee hand press - $30
Lee deluxe collet die set - $35
Lee scale (accurate as the $$ ones) - $35
Wilson case trimmer and shell holder - $45
Trust me on this one...
Lee perfect powder measure (does just as well as the $$ measures, as reported in Precision Shooting mag) - $30
Lee autoprimer - $15 (only better hand primers are the K&M and the Sinclair, and they're not as fast - just keep the Lee lubed)
You don't need the tumbler - Just 0000 steel wool 'em occasionally.
You do need some decent calipers - Midway's are okay.
Davidson's bullet puller is very nice

Wait a minute! If you're loading for accuracy, you're not going to want to use the el-cheapo FMJ stuff - Buy a box of 100 Speer 50 gr. "TNT" bullets, and see if they shoot. Take it from there. Also, you will likely want to try a couple of different powders.

Check out

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