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I recently introduced a friend to Reloading, allowing him to utilize my equipment, space, bullets, primers, and powder - For the first 50 rnds.) Everything went well, and he is on his way to being 'hooked'.

He showed up last night fresh from the store with 1000 rnds of 158g JHP (Rainier Brand) to load for his .357 revolvers - a Speed Six, and an SP101. Both snubbies. The only problem is the bullets do not have a crimp groove. (I assume they were intended for a .357 Sig cartridge.)

Dad always told me you could load .45acp bullets into .45lc cases - as long as they were not too hot, and they were the correct OAL. The first concern being that heavier loads would jump the crimp and prevent your cylinder from turning. The second concern being that the bullet may exit the case before the powder has completely burned.

Has anyone else had a similiar experience? All feedback is appreciated.


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