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Go with the Dillon RL550B. It was my first, last, and only machine. I don't think you can deal with better people than dillon. If anything breaks, they fix it, if from some act of stupidity you break something, they fix it free. They really do mean no BS in their no BS warranty. The only failing of the machine is that you almost have to get the video to put it together. I tried and tried (I don't have a TV thank-God), so I had to buy the video, and go to my brother's house, machine and all to put it together right. Once it is together, it cranks out ammo almost as fast as you can shoot it. I really can't suggest dillon enough. I load .357, .38 and .40 so far. I'm planning to get into .223 & 30-06 soon. If not Dillon at least get the most machine you can with your money.
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