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Jeep, since you're wanting to load multiple calibers, consider a Lee turret press with deluxe powder dump. Get extra heads and dies, scale (absolute must), calipers, MANUALS (several), primers, powder, and other odds and ends, maybe even a tumbler. With one or two powders, some primers and bullets, you can start loading all of them right away. I have two of these for several years and use them all the time. They make good ammo. I also have other presses, but these guys (Lee turrets) can turn out good pistol ammo purdy fast and change calibers fast, especially if your dies are set up on their own turret heads. Three hunert dolla U.S. will go a long way if you don't necessarily have to have blue or green paint (granted the quality is a cut above), but you can still make alot of good ammo! Go the high dollar expensive stuff and you won't have enough money to turn out your first round. Or, try some local pawn shops and garage sales for stuff. I've picked up alot of really good used (some like new) equipment for almost nothing (Lyman Orange Cursher press-15, RCBS 505 scale-10 (like new), etc). Jest asettin' hare thankin'.... sundog

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