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I hate to say but, $300 won't go as far as you might hope. If you opt for a single stage press it will be better.

Progressive press- nice, fast, higher price on caliber changes.

You will want to buy only carbide dies for those pistol calibers. Four sets of dies,shell plate holders, press, powder scale, dial calipers, a good reloading manual or two. That's the minimum you need.
Then all those supplies Two types of primers (sm. and lg. pistol), Four different bullet tips (9,40,44,45...that's if you only pick one weight per caliber), you can get by with one powder type if you watch it and are not to picky.

The single stage kits are a good deal RCBS Rock Chucker comes with everything except calipers, buy your primers, powder,tips and you ready to go.

I have progressive and single stage press, sometimes it's nice to have a single stage when trying new loads.

And remember "Reloading Does Not Save Money, you just shoot more".

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