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Jeep, I always recommend a starter to get a copy of "The ABC's of Reloading" by Dean Grennell. It's a great book, full of useful information. It's been thru several revisions, so I don't know which one is the most current. It is NOT a load manual (I call them recipe books). You'll still need some of those. Start w/ the Lyman, Hornady, Speer, or Sierra guides. There'll all good. I'm not sure if you fat-fingered your post, so it's not clear if you DO or DON'T want a progressive press. I'd recommend you start with a single stage press. It'll always be useful. Even if you later buy a progressive press, there'll always be chores you can use a single stage press for. Call Midway at 800-243-3220 for a catalog. They stock everything you need except the best progressive loader, the Dillon. They're great folks to do bidness with.

All the best.
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