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I use a Dan Wesson 8" .357 for deer here in Ohio. I have been using a 158grLSWC hard cast driven to max velocity of over 1550fps powered by 15+ grains of 2400. This has never failed me. (knocking on wood!)

I've been meaning to try a 180gr bullet, probably the LBT series, although I've heard of the new 180grJHP Nosler partition that may be a good choice. That is supposed to have a soft lead front cavity and, of course, their partition to hold it all together. 1800fps might be a little too high though. e-mail them and ask! I will have to find out if it is usable at the lower velocities in my 8" Mag.

I would agree with LIprogun when he states that most 180gr JHP bullets are designed to operate best at lower velocities than yours. Face it, most people dont shoot Maximums or 14" barrels. Most will be using a 6-8" .357Mag so they design their bullets accordingly. At your intended velocities, a JSP would most likely expand nicely! I'd find something like the LBT or other wide flat nose if I were you. The suggested Rem 180jhp is too 'pointy' in my estimation, although I've never tried it on game.

I'd stick with a 'normal' JSP if it was designed for lower velocities in the hopes that it wouldn't disintegrate at your speeds, but go with either of the choices listed by bedlamite for serious high velocity work.
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