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On deer I would definatley use a softpoint. A freind of mine uses a Marlin lever action in .357 and his load chronographs at 1700 fps. I always kid him about taking a rabbit gun to the deer woods but he's killed 3 deer with it that Ive witnessed. One deer was shot 3 times and recovered about 200 yards from where it was shot. The first shot(a 125 JHP) was right on the shoulder. The deer ran about 75 yards and stopped, and turned to look and he shot it in the lungs. It ran off and when he finally found it ,it was still alive and kickin so he shot it again. Upon examination, the first shot had hit the shoulder bone and disentegrated. It had done little damage other than superficial. It was the second shot that put the deer down, it had went thru both lungs and stopped just underneath the hide , but the bullet looked like it could have been shot again as it did not expand. Third shot was in the head from about 15 yards and that ended that. One other deer he shot thru the lungs , deer ran about 100 yards and expired, that bullet did not expand but acted as a solid.The other deer he shot thru the lungs and the bullet expired perfectly, you could have used it for a bullet ad. But etheir way you look at it, that is only one out of three that expanded.

Looks to me that the soft point might have less of a chance of a wound. It'll plow on thru and do the job. At 1800 fps, I'd hate to risk bullet failure on a fine buck. It would make me sick to lose a deer, knowing that it would eventually die.
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