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One of the things I think you always have to consider are the designed performance envelope of the bullet. That is, most expanding bullets are designed for a specific velocity range. Hornady kindly publishes their list for their XTP bullets, and IIRC Speer's reloading manual sometimes includes such data in its caliber write-ups that preceed the cartridge loading data.

I don't think many (if any) .357" 180 JHP bullets are designed for velocities up around 1800 fps. My educated guess would be that they're designed more for expansion in the 1000 to 1300 fps range. You _may_ experience fragmentation and/or inadequate penetration with a JHP driven to .357 Max velocities.

My first choice for whitetail deer with a .357" bullet would probably be a 180 grain hard-cast SWC with a large meplat, and gas checked.

After that, I'd go with either a 180 JSP or Speer's 160 grain semijacketed SWC.
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