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Over the years I think I have fallen into a rut when it comes to bullet types when I reload. It seems that all my hunting rounds are JHP’s. With all the different types of bullets available I have started to wonder if I’m short changing myself by doing this.

The specifics are this. It is a .357 Maximum in a 14” contender barrel. I will be pushing the 180 grain bullet right at 1800 fps. Now here comes the questions. Would you use a JHP or SP bullet. This particular round will be for whitetail deer in Ohio. I have always used the JHP in all my other calibers (.44 mag. & 45 LC) for hunting deer and they have performed well. I have just been wondering if I have been missing something by not using other styles of bullets. Will I have better accuracy with one over the other? Which one will have better penetration? Can I expect less expansion in the SP because of the smaller cavity up front?


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