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I went with the Winchester Supreme Partion Gold 180 for that same task (I was looking for Bufallo Bore, but they didn't have it at the gun shop.) The .357 was backup to a rifle, and never needed it. I lit off all but 6 at the range. They were very controlable but it was definately near the top of .357 mag ammo. They will expand as they have a sjhp. I put a self imposed limit of about 200lbs on me because of the expansion. Next trip I will have a cast load, and probably use the .357 for the main gun with a rifle in a buddies hands for backup. The Win load strikes me as more of a thin skinned load. I recommend the cast lead for large hogs. Maybe I should get some gelatin and do a test with Win, BB, DT, and Fed. That should yield some interesting results. I'll tell you the cast load "should" have much greater penetration (I'd guess it would win by a wide margin in penetration.

Edit: I went back and looked...they are full jacket hollow point (the jacket extends all the way to the hollow point. The hollow point is very deep.
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