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There was a model 30 which used .22LR's only, and a model 31 which would run on .22shorts, longs, or long rifles. Odd looking guns with he fore end having kind of extentins towards the rear that covered up the reciver's sides, and many had an odd roll-away sling (it spring coiled back up into the butt stock, and you could pull it out and hook it to a stud on the mag. tube...kind of like an old-time window shade). Know they were marketed into the early 1960's. I THINK the Sears number was 583.75 for this one, but I might be wrong (and my books are all lost).

BUt the above gun has such unusual features that I belive you'd have mentioned I tend to go with Harley on this one, and put it farther back in time.
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