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The loads cited by capbuster look pretty good, though perhaps a trifle mild to move the pins off the table with alacrity. You can load up to 6.3 gr. of 231 with 200 gr. jacketed bullets if you wish, and lead bullets yield lower pressure.

You sound satisfied with 231. If you happen to have a lot of Unique on hand, 6.5 gr gives 890 with 200 LSWC in my 5-inch bbl 1911s. 5.0 gr of Universal Clays goes about 860 and should shoot a little cleaner.

Any of these loads should be nicely controllable, with appreciably less recoil than full power 230 RN loads, plus has the sharp shoulder and flat meplat to dig into the slick finish of the pins, rather than sliding off.

Best of luck with the pins. Shoot carefully--they can be nasty when wounded.

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