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I used the chrony to test the 17 gr. A-max with 42 gr. of IMR 4064. It came out at about 24000 fps. When I shoot national match with it, I don't ever correct for elevation. I can sell you some of these bullets or trade you for your ocean front property in Arizona. You guys suck!

Seriously thanks for the info. I have a feeling 4064 just doesn't meter well in the ol Dillon. I will keep working on it or just use the AT 500 powder die with funnel. Did any of you ever catch onto that little trick? Buy the AT 500 powder die with funnel and reload as normal, just use the scale and dish to measure your powder charge and dump it in the funnel and in it goes. It makes the reloading go pretty darn fast for handloads with out the automatic powder measure.
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