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WOW ! Sounds a bit like one of my stories.

I was loading in my shop and I spilled about a quarter pound of powder. I was'nt just real worried about it, I figured I 'd just sweep it up and toss it in the trash can. As luck would have it, I broke a decapping pin on my Dillion 550. Somewhere along the way in my quest to change the decapping pin, I plumb forgot about sweeping up the powder and it was getting late about 1:30 or so in the morn, I just left it and went to sleep.
I went to work the next day , came home and rembered the spilled powder in my shop. I went to clean it up and guess what ! It was gone.

My basset hound had eaten every bit of it.

I figured this out about a week later when he was layin on the floor asleep and I spilled some more powder. He woke up and just lapped it up ! I though that was odd ,but it didnt seem to hurt him as much as it hurt the cat.

You see , he and the cat sometimes sleep side by side. That basset hound is bad to fart. Stinkinist farts you ever could imagine.
One day he farted and blew a about a 2 foot diameter fire ball right out his ass and set that danged cat on fire...which immediatley jumped straight up in the air and on top of the dog...while he was asleep. Needless to say we had a major cat vs dog fight on our hands .You see that cat was mad at the dog for frizzin up his hair with that fireball and the basset hound was mad at the cat for wakin him up so suddenly. Luckily ,I saw it all and was able to push them out the door with my foot without sustaining serious damage to my person. It was like all hell broke loose for a minute or two and things were happenin so fast It looked like a blur..

Nowadays,whenever I spill any gunpowder I clean it up immediatley..Just to keep peace in the place ya see...

Or if you're a bit could let the dog take care of it. It could be entertainin to say the least...

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