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I've pulled a boner and a half.

I had some rounds that I got from a friend that were duds. (He had sprayed them with WD40 to assist in loading a magazine. Yea, I know he's a genius also.)

I was using the inertial bullet pull to salvage the components.(Brass and Bullets) My play was to get rid of the powder, try to fire the primed, unloaded brass, then deprime. The powder was still flamable, but I didn't want to risk anything, so I was just going to burn off the powder. Besides, it worked as a nice demo to my family that powder burns, not explodes.

Here comes the boner. On the third trip outside, to ignite the powder, I spilled some powder on the living room carpet. Probably 1/2 of a charge for a standard 9mm round. (American Eagle Factory Ammo).

How do I clean this???? I know it takes a pretty high temp to set off powder, but will my vaccum set it off? I soaked the carpet in water, hoping that would ruin the powder.

Did I make things worse, or help?
What next? Just vaccum? Or what?


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