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Bob, your expertise and input are very valuable and much appreciated. I had no idea we had such a professional "on staff," so to speak.

Please, PLEASE chime right in at any time you have information which will help the membership, in the cause of general information, specific loads, and ESPECIALLY pertaining to safety.

Man, this is a sincere invitation--If you have expertise, don't hide your light under a bushel. Some folks with specialized knowledge are hesitant to throw it out in a general conversation, for fear of being considered a know-it-all or a $mart A$$. Others, like me, with only the most general knowledge are fully willing to freely share the depth and breadth and length of our ignorance. Oughta be the other way around.

My only worry is that we'll pump you for free information from which you should be making legitimate money. Also that your expertise is such that I can't even understand what you're telling us. THAT has happened in the past.

Thanks very much for your input.

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