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These are all West Coast plated bullets.

I am loading my 230g plated RN to 1.260-1.265 OAL with good results. This bullet
is .650 long. I bought some 200g plated RN that are .580 long. Should my OAL with the 200s be the same as the 230's or should I subtract the .070 (.650 length of 230s minus .580 length of 200s) difference from the 230 OAL and load the 200's to an OAL of 1.195 in order to have the same volume in the case? Seems very short. Or should I load them to a lenght inbetween? What is the rational for your response, whatever it may be?

Same question for some 225g plated flat points that I bought. They are also
.580 long. Should the OAL be 1.260-1.265 like the 230's, 1.195, or some different
OAL in between? Again, why? Thanks in advance.

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