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<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by schlickenmeyer:
Does someone have a temperature for this heat-treating? As lead melts easily, I assume there is not a lot of room for error without risking deformation..?? Thanx![/quote]
I heat treat most of my bullets and it is quite simple . Heat treating the bullets reduces leading in the barrels and in the case of my .44 Colt Anaconda it makes them more accurate.

Cast the bullets ...when the metal solidifies ,drop them into a 5 gallon bucket of water. That is all it takes. The bullets cool enough that they are solid and will not deform when they hit the bottom of the bucket.
It s really simple and worth the time.You can devolope a routine in which you cast, turn and drop the bullets into the bucket on the floor. Soon you'll be doing it without thinking about it.

Elmer Keith used hardned .44 bullets to kill quite a few whitetails and mulies. He just shot them through the shoulders. He has one account of shooting a wounded mulie at over 500 yards ! The bullet penetrated completley thru. Hard to beleive I know, but he did have witnesses.

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