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I was shooting off of an MTM rest. The groups with 23gr of powder were about 4.5 inches and the 25gr groups were about 3 inches. I always consider the effect of flinching when shooting a .44mag, but the fact that I got tighter groups with the full power loads (only that they printed left of the other group) made me think it was something other than me flinching. I'll just go try again. I might try shooting over sandbags this time just to see what difference it makes. Do you have a preferred method for shooting revolvers over bags?

No need to worry; you didn't come off like a [email protected]$$.

I guess I wanted to discount flinching in my original question, but that still leaves me curious as to why changing a load can so drastically affect where the bullets print when fired from a relatively short, stout barrel at close range.

I'm one of those who just can't accept things without wanting to know "why".


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