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Jack Straw
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I've been working on hunting loads with my 7.5 inch Redhawk using 296 and RCBS 240SWC-GC. At 23.0gr, the POI is right on the bullseye (at 25yds). I get better groups with a max load of 25.0gr, but the bullets hit 4 inches to the left.

I can see how changing a load would change POI at 100yds with a relatively thin barreled rifle (ie..barrel vibrations being the culprit), but with the thicker barrel of the Ruger and at only 25yds, what else could really cause such a change in POI?

My plan is to stick with the 25.0gr charge and adjust the sights, but I was just curious as to what would cause a revolver to print that far to the left with a change in the load being taken into consideration. I'm not sure if I'm making any sense but I really don't know how to phrase my question.

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