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Rich Lucibella
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Well, lemme let you guys in on our Dirty Little Secret. The entire SWAT Worldwide Headquarters consists of 300 sq ft of oceanfront office space and houses....Me.

That's right. Except for one part time helper all of the admin of SWAT, including filling Back Issues, is done by me. Guess who would get to organize, inventory and ship all that wonderful gear? Me, that's who!

Now I know you're saying, "Hey, SWAT's a worldwide newsstand publication. Surely they have secretaries, book keepers, assistants and the like." Nope. Is this any way to run a business? Our competition seems to think so; I know of at least one larger gun mag that has adopted some of our practices since scoffing at the concept in 2001.

So, no....please, no gear; unless, of course, you have ideas for a third party company that would create, warehouse and ship the items in question.
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