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Bright Stainless 38 Super? Hummmmmm, sounds just like the one I've been drooling over....mind if I ask what the final $$$$ were?

Try MD Smith's page:
He has a few 38 Super loads listed, lead and FMJ.

This has some too:

I've seen some other pages w/ really hot loads...actually printed them out, but the web address isn't there.

Here's what the printout lists....the hottest in vel from what I saw.
Alan Long
125gr D+J JRN bullet
9.2gr VV-3N37 1470fps posted on the USPSA BBS

Layne Simpson
124 gr Horn FMJFN
9.0gr VV-N350 1506fps from "Bench Topics" column in Handloader# 167

The printout says that they should be used in barrels that fully suport the cartridge...and start at 10% less.

I shoot a stock 38 Super, old, old model (1947 year made-still head spaces on the rim!!!) I'm feeding it 147gr bullets right now...plan on "retiring it"....and get a replacement. Haven't tried 125gr yet.

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