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1) Define 'safe'......Alliant says a 115g JHP at 1360fps using Blue Dot, Winchester has same bullet at 1340fps with WAP, Hodgdon has a 115g XTP at 1314fps with HS6, and Vihtavuori shows a 115g XTP at 1420fps using 3N37.

2) Best is nebulous, but of your three stick with Unique and Blue Dot.
I like WAP best, followed by V3N37 and Power Pistol.

3) Any dies. I like the Lee seat die because it's so easy to change OAL.
Finish using a Lee Carbide Factory Crimp die.

4) W-W or R-P new cases are both good. So is Starline.

Hope this helps, and start low and work up.

"All my ammo is factory ammo"

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