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One of the things I find interesting, is in reading Elmer Keith's book, BIG GAME RIFLES, he uses a load of IMR-3031 for the .35 Whelan, that is 5 grains higher than anything I can find in any loading manual today, and not on any of my older ones either. Funny. His rifles didn't blow up. Some powders though, seem to be faster burning today than in past years. For example, a load of IMR-4895 that I've used in the 30-06 with 150 gr. bullets now has to be reduced by 2.0 grains. My pet .357 Mag. load with Alliant's #2400 has to be reduced by 1.0 gr. and by 2.0 gr. in the .44 Mag. I can no longer use Elmer's pet load for the .44 Mag.
I agree that for the most part, liability lawyers strike again, but some of it may also be in the powders, as well.
Has anyone else noticed this?
Paul B.
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