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come on fellas, the vast majority of these people have no business owning any firearms. They have already shown their lack of good judgement by putting themselves in that position. I agree that the ones who want firearms will probably get them anyway but we shouldn't help them out.
I'll add my post, in the same flavor as Long Path's.
Suppose you live in CA. Nevermind why, you just do, alright?
You drive down to the school, to pick up your son/daughter from kindergarten. You forget to remove the Leatherman multitool from your belt before doing so. The principal sees this, and calls the school resource officer.
Guess what? You're a felon. No more voting for you, and you'll never legally own or carry a gun again, since the funds for restoration of civil rights have been removed.
Over a Leatherman.
How about this?
You live in Oregon, and have a CHL. When you pay for your meal at a restaurant, your CHL card drops to the floor, unnoticed. On the way home, you get pulled over for a burned out tailight you didn't know about. Being a helpful sort, you tell the officer you have a CHL, and what would he like you to do. He asks to see your card. Oops! You're a felon! For losing a piece of plastic, and not knowing it.
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