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I've lived here without knowing about a cousin for years. You see, he was in prison. He is 35, two years younger then myself.

He went to jail due to drugs. He was with the wrong crowd when he was younger and he went to jail, he did his time.

Many times over. This was his third time in the big house. Now he's out. And I've enbraced him as my own brother. I like him, I trust him, I would gladly hand him a gun to be my backup in any situation.

You see, I've decided to treat him as a Human Being, and as Family, and as my very own Brother. I know his past, so what, he messed up. That doesn't give me or any other person or government the right to treat him as a second class citizen devoid of any rights.

He is a person. A person that messed up in the past and is now trying to get on the right side of the tracks. In prison he took the time to learn welding skills and that landed him a job on the outside. He is busting his ass to help me with this house and with other things.

But he cannot be invited to join in with my favorite hobby. Even though I would trust him with a loaded gun in his hands, the government has said that his is a second class American and he cannot. I feel that he would greatly benefit from the shooting sports, to learn control and to learn the joy of such, but he can't. I feel that he would be a great friend and shooting buddy to enjoy the weekends with.

You may not see the inherite(sp) good in some people, I do. This person messed up and now he's looking back and thinking to himself.. why was I so stupid. Yet, because we are always looking at the past, we have destroyed this man's future, with laws and maybe his life, with law's.

Please don't take this wrong, but I would trust my cousin at my side, with a loaded firearm, more so than I would trust you. Maybe it's because I've met my cousin, face to face and haven't had the honor of being able to do so with you. But I will say this, my cousin who just got out a couple of months ago is busting his balls to work, to be a member of society, and just want's to be an American again but the laws and folks like yourself, just won't give him the chance to do so.

Again, my apologizes if I've offended you but I think that our judgements upon others are unfounded and wrong. If they prove themselves to be incapable of dealing with the real world, then it's up to us, the civilian, to ensure that they aren't around to do so. It's not up to the LEO's or to pols who think they are in charge.

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