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BigFun and Ace--The case is annealed from factory so
first fireforming gets it up to about.650..Then
we anneal again and fireform or use expander to go out to
.729 12ga bore.We put rim on by turning off original
rim downt little less than groove diameter geting 5/8 in
diameter stub .Thread it 5/8 by 24 and screw on a premade
12ga size rim using locktite.Holds the strain of resizing
ok.Now two ways to load cases like these-fast shotgun powders
in amount filling fraction of cases using cards and wads
to fill space to bullet.That's regular shotgun setup, and I
don't do that. I use 90% plus fill of real slow powders,
mostly surplus, at 3 bucks a lb. Example, Can put in 320 gr of
WC860 with 730 gr slug for 2400 fps.Ed
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