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I use many powders also. I am always looking for a more accurate, faster, softer recoil load. I like most Alliant powders. Red Dot can be used in any pistol cartridge for light loads and is very accurate. Red Dot is also awesome powder for trap loads. Bullseye is almost the same as Red Dot in a pistol load but much cleaner. Blue Dot is great in heavy field shotshells, and med heavy magnums. Power Pistol is awesome for powerful auto pistol cartridges. I think Power Pistol was made to safely make USPSC major in the 9mm. I have heard you cant get enouh PP in a 9mm cartridge to blow the gun. I used to use Accurate 2520 for my .223 loads. Too much powder for velocity and not economical. 2520 is best in the .308. Now I use H335 for the .223. I like H110 for heavy 44mag. For the 5.7x28 I use HS6 or Power Pistol. This round is still under development. I am now also working on 357sig. Power Pistol is looking promising here also.

There are lots of differant powders avaiable at this time. You have to use what works best for you. Lots of people like VV, I don't. Alliant is my favorite followed closely by Hogdon.
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