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Frank, you probably could have saved yourself some trouble after pulling the bullet and removng the powder by either seating the affected primers manually or running them through your press again. Also, if you don't want to do that, the easiest method to fix them is to simply load each empty shell by hand into your gun and fire it. That shouldn't cause any unsafe situation. It goes without saying that you should do this in a safe area where the noise and smoke won't hurt or startle anyone (wear hearing protection).

As a humerous side note, I had to fire a primer one time since it was pressed in too far and I thought the pellet had crushed. I put the shell in my gun, put on hearing protection, and fired it into a wad of cotton in my basement so the smoke wouldn't escape. When I fired it, I heard my poor dog upstairs jump about 5 feet and slam into the wall trying to get away! So, again, be sure you won't startled anyone when you do it.
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