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mcshot... I can't find my copy of Lyman #41 which should be of about the correct vintage. The following loads for DuPont P5066 are from P.O. Ackley's Handbook, a manual known for rather hot loads. As there is no bullet type callout in this book for pistol loads, I'd suggest that you use lead bullets. I'd avoid the maximum loads quoted for the 45 ACP: modern powders are more suitable for this use. With the .357 data I'd start about a grain low and not work up too far.

45 ACP, 170 grain bullet:
7 grains @ 860 fps
10.5 grains @ 1160 fps

45 ACP, 235 grain bullet:
7 grains @ 760 fps
9 grains @ 940 fps

.357 Magnum, 148 grain bullet:
4 grains @ 1000 fps

.357 magnum, 161 grain bullet:
5.3 grains (sic) @ 1090 fps

No loads are given for the 45 Colt, and of course, the 41 magnum is of more recent origin than this data. If I spot further data in the next few days I'll e-mail you.

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