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VE-It is a Savage 210 bolt action shotgun, came in 12ga
with light barrel, put on a 12ga heavy Pacnor barrel..
It has a big 3 lug bolthead and pic is below beside
an Enfield bolt for comparision.Action is very long
and I just opened the loading port for longer cases.

12ga is .729 inch
diameter, and we used bmg cases to make a long brass
12ga case,as base of bmg is same as 12ga, so we just
straightened out the case, and put a 12ga size rim on it.
The lead slugs are hardened for high velocity.

expeditionx-bender711-Yes great for grizzly.And only 600 bucks in
the gun in my case.Recoil is easy as barrel is long and gun
is 25lbs, and perfect balance..That most important is the has big recoil pad.And we got guys with the
700NE virus that now plan using this to do it.Rim
size for 700NE is same, and 3.5 inch case where ours is 3.87.
700 base is .780,ours is .801. And 700 is loaded to only
35,000 psi the max that our hottest load is.

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