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After procrastinating quite a while I finally jumped into reloading with both feet. I had been taking advantage of two buddies who would churn out tons of 45ACPs for me if I would furnish components.

I bought a Dillon Square Deal B, and all of the Dillon goodies. I bought a 10X16 building since my wife wasn't too happy about the Hoppes #9 stains on the carpet. Of course the building had to be heated and airconditioned, insulated, and furnished.

Since I already had by brass I really had a leg up on cost per round. The way I figure, my next 5000 rounds will cost me about $1.00 apiece, .06 for the round and .94 to amortize the building!

Reloading is for those who want to shoot alot and have a great time making rounds. I'm retiring Jan.1, and I'm set up for the rest of my life...If Shumer, Boxer, Klinton, and Gore don't get their way.

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