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Hi, really really depends on what you are looking to do.
I buy Wolf (non-reloadable) 9mm for about $11/100, and the bullets (Sierra FMJ 115) cost me $12/100. So it only costs $1/100 more to buy ready to go, in the box rounds than just the bullets. I won't mention the time, powder, primers, cases part..that's extra. For defensive loads (hp's) I don't really shoot those at the range, so I dont bother to handload them. I just keep a couple hundred on hand.
However, in 223, I almost exlusively handload.
I use Varget powder and V-max or Sierra HPBT's. Expensive components. The ammo I make is at least as good Federal Gold Match. My costs come out to about $180/1000 whereas I would spend close to $750/1000 for new match quality ammo. Now that's a big difference!
So in my opinion, if you are doing target work..reload. If you want "plinking" ammo, forget it. (unless you find handloading theraputic like I do).

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