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I have grappled with the same question.

I grappled with it for years, actually and even did a cost benefit analysis of reloading and decided it wouldn't save me any money for literally three to four years.

However, after some research I found I didn't need to buy a 300.00 Dillon multi-stage press, and bought a Lee single stage press instead. Point is, you can really reduce those huge start up costs and only outlay a couple hundred dollars - including powder, primers etc.

I'm currently waiting for my primer tool, and still have to order my case cleaner, so I haven't actually begun yet. However, I have had a blast just loading a few dummy rounds. I'll be loading 10mm and .40 SW. The 10mm stuff is still kind of expensive, but I will be saving money sooner than if I had bought some huge multistage machine. My point is, reloading looks really fun and that may be worth the cost, but also, that you can get set up for pretty cheap. You don't NEED a big outlay, just time and patience. Good luck.

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