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Over 20 years ago, I did a cost analysis on .45ACP, reloding vs factory ammo. I found that in using the most expensive jacketed HP bullets avialable (Sierra 185 gr.), and using a maximum powder charge, I could reload 3 rds. for the cost of one rd. of the cheapest factory then available. I was using a Rockchucker press at the time.
Today, I have 2 RL550's, one each for large and small primers. I buy in bulk, instead of buying 1 box of 100 bullets, 1# of powder, and 100 primers. I don't use max loads, and I don't use the most expensive bullets. I haven't done a recent cost analysis, but I'd be willing to bet it's about the same, or perhaps even better.
If you shoot a lot, and have the spare time, reloading is the way to go. It's not for the casual shooter who isn't going to fire more than a few boxes of ammo a year. If you'd like to shoot 100 rds or more per month, then get with it!

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