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Don Morgan
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I have been reloading since the early 70's and I have found out that reloading does not save me money, it only causes me to shoot more ammunition. What it does do for me is this. It has improved my knowledge of ammunition, It has made me pay attention to detail, it has helped me in developing the the best cartridge for my firearms that I shoot. I have become very successful in making Wildcat Cartridges and compete with them in the NRA Silhouette Matches. If you are in it for the savings then you are in it for the all the wrong reasons, for if you scimp on your components then you are not saving at all and you will do nothing but be discouraged from the results. I have use the RCBS Rock Chucker since I started One Bullet at a time and each bullet is done the same way with the components of my choice for the type of shooting I will be doing. Reloading is about perfection in my arena, not by how many rounds I can make in an hour.


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