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Hmm..careful, guys...I understand the point being put forward here that reloaders should ALWAYS consult their manuals, but I see no reason to slam the door on well intended questions regarding reloads; this is a public forum after all.
Most experienced reloaders will usually not baulk at sharing their favourite load for a particular firearm with others...they will usually caution the person to whom the information is being given to that "their mileage may vary", and to work up to the 'favourite' load, always looking for signs of too much pressure, etc.
I believe that there is a measure of responsibility here, on the part of the person seeking the information, as well as the person giving it.
My 'favourite' load for my Norinco 1911 is a 200gr lead SWC over 5.7gr of WW231. I wouldn't, however, be shy to ask what others are using.<g> Doesn't mean that I'm 'lazy', not looking in my dozens of reloading manuals, or missing out on working up to a good load, or taking my life in my hands..<g>
Just my .02cents worth...
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