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I'm sorry, but I take exception to the lazy comment. If someone has had bad experiences (like bad fouling) with a particular load, why should I waste the $25 on a pound of the same powder and some bullets, primers and a bunch of time to learn the same thing? If someone doesn't even have a clue where to start and I have tried a couple of different powders, I for one am happy to point him/her in the right direction. I agree with all of the safety first part, but have you ever tried to find an honest load for a 7.62x25 for a CZ-52? All the manuals list the same silly loads for the 7.62 Tokarev ... the CZ has a roller locking action like the HK-91 and is up to far more than the old Russian Tokarev pistols. I took a load off the net ... just the powder mind you ... and called Accurate and got the MAX values directly from them. I never would have found an acceptable load otherwise. I think there is a place for asking for starting points ... personally I think that place is here. Sorry I got a little worked up ... I usually don't
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