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I totally agree that safety must be the top priority in reloading. But I also think there is room to use another person’s data. Taking in the consideration that the loads that work in another firearm may not be safe in yours. So check you manuals and drop back some.

I recently purchased a Browning pump in 243 Winchester and made a post for pet loads. To be quite frank I don’t have the time to work up the best load. Case in point the Hodgdon manual lists 21 different powders for 243 using a 100-gr. bullet so if I can benefit someone else’s work I’ll start there. By the way I have 13 different reloading manuals and if you check each one you’ll find different max. loads recommend for the same bullet/powder. But that all depends upon components whether a rifle or pressure barrel etc. etc. was used.

A MANUAL isn’t always correct either but should never be used to load max. right off the bat. Quite a few years ago when Accurate was just coming on to the sence they had a load listed for the 308 Win. That caused me a little misery with flattened primers and head separations. The next year they backed off a couple of grains in their loading data.

In the data that one of the members posted for my post concerning the 243 his recommended loading was 2 grains over max in one of the powders. He may be using a newer or older manual or he worked up to this load without any visible overpressure signs etc. and it works in his gun. He also cautioned that these were max. loads and I should drop a some from his loading.

Will I use his recommendation? Yes to a point. I will use his recommended powder but will back off to under the load level in the manual. When I go to the range I’ll have three different powder wieghts for that loading upto the manual max.

Also for hunting loads I want hunting accuracy with the highest MV but for target (paper) I've always found the mid-range loads give the best accuracy.

Again I agree!!! Safety must be top priority.

You all have a good day.


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