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I see many people on this form and elsware asking about what loads they should use with this cal and this bullet and so on.I am no talking about the people asking for best accuracy loads or special loads.
People loading manuals are as important a part of your reloading equipment as dies or a set of scales.For the ones only loading a couple of cal there are specific manuals for that cal giving all the different powder loads.All the info in one package for under 10.00.
Remember the load you get from someone else just might blow your gun up.You might be shooting a S&W 29 and he is shooting a ruger redhawk and working at max.
This is a saftey issue and one that seems to be overlooked by a lot of people.It allso should be in the 4 safty rules for handling.Add the 5 rule.You shall work up your own loads for your own fiream.

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